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In 2003 after founding of the company Compressor Consultancy Holland started with all its experience collected in the previous jobs with the engineering support of Gas & Oil Exploration companies.

The support Compressor Consultancy Holland can offer you:

Concept selection of compressor units

In an early stage of new project it might become very important to do a concept selection study in order to predict CAPEX costs and to obtain budget for the project. In most of these cases the involvement of a pre- Feed contractor is to expensive.

In the last years Compressor Consultancy Holland has performed a many pre-feed activities for compressor stations and as such acquired a lot of experience and established a huge database of CAPEX costs. Compressor Consultancy Holland has also capabilities of calculating the sizes of equipment required. This, gives in this early stage of the project a cost estimation of high reliability.

Compressor selection calculation and specification

After the concept selection which either is done in basic, feed or other engineering step in most cases the next step is making more specific calculations and from this specify the compressor to your need. Compressor Consultancy Holland has different software tools we are capable of conduction several calculations both for reciprocating and centrifugal  compressors.

  • Forces and Loads.
  • (pressures and temperatures) for both reciprocating and centrifugal compressors
  • Valve dynamics.
  • Bearing loads.

Off course not all calculations are needed to produce specifications and datasheets. But one of the advantages of this are that we don’t have to resist on calculations made by OEM’s, but can act as an independent consultancy.

All our software has been verified against several OEM calculations, and it has shown its accuracy.

Some examples of calculations are :

Reciprocating compressors

  • Forces and loads

For the calculation of the rod loads Compressor Consultancy Holland has developed its own calculation tool. This tool has been verified with calculation made by different OEM’s and found very reliable.

Engineering - Compressor Consultancy Holland

Forces and Loads

Forces and loads calculations are the base for the mechanical design of the compressor and as such by several OEM’s used as rating for their compressors.

Conducting this kind of calculation can be extremely use full by the selection of compressors in early stages of projects ( Vendor selection)

The calculation also can be very useful in case  of a upgrade of an existing compressor.  It can be used in order to see whether the compressor is mechanical, specially the rod load capable of handling the upgrade.

Another case where the calculation can be useful is with mechanical failures ( crosshead connections, pistons and piston rods. In such case the calculations can be used for determination of the root cause of the failure.

  • Thermo dynamical

Thermo-dynamical calculations are the basis for the design of each compressor. Based on these calculation the compressor will be mechanical designed.

In an early stage can be  determined how much power, how many cylinders and amount of stage are needed. This makes it possible to estimate CAPEX cost in an early stage of the project.

Engineering - Compressor Consultancy Holland

Thermo Dynamical

Thermo- dynamical calculations not only can be used for ¨new¨ projects  but also can be used for operation verification or at troubleshooting.

At operational verification use theoretical calculation values are being verified with operational measured values. In this way you will be able to detect excessive wear on piston rings or valves.

In case of troubleshooting any actual operating parameter as flows and temperatures can be verified against the theoretical data.

  • Valve dynamics

Through over the years valve dynamics have become a mayor part of the compressor calculations. The reasons for this is that operating companies do want to save as much as possible energy , and that the operating of the compressors has become more complicated ( Bigger pressure ranges, variable speed) but the operators still want to have a high reliable valve without to much losses.

Therefore valve dynamic calculations are carried out at a very premature state of the compressor design and often are implemented in the pulsation study (API 618 5th edition approach 3).

Valve dynamic calculations are also carried out at frequent breakdown of the valves. In this case the valve behaviour is simulated and fluttering of vales can be determined.

Compressor Consultancy Holland has the capabilities and knowledge to judge this kind of calculations and to give you an independent advise how to improve your valves.

Also Compressor Consultancy Holland can help you to have the valve dynamic calculation made by some independent companies.

Centrifugal thermodynamical compressors

For the thermodynamically calculations of centrifugal compressors we have some special calculation programs. This gives us the opportunity to predict power, amount of stages and polytrophic efficiency in an early stage of new projects. Same calculations also can be used for troubleshooting.

Engineering - Compressor Consultancy Holland

Contrifugal Compression

Bearing loads

In 2008 Compressor Consultancy Holland has acquired a special calculation program which was developed by the department Tribology of the university of Delft for the calculation of different kind of bearings.

The program gives use the features of calculation of bearing design, loads and failure calculation. It helps us to avoid bearing failures and to solve bearing problems.

The contact with this department of the Technical university also gives us the support in complex bearings problems.

Engineering - Compressor Consultancy Holland

Bearing Loads

Rotating equipment engineering general

As akready marked up un one of the prevous chapters Compressor Consultancy Holland has developed a high grade of engineering and not only compressor wise but also on other rotating equipment as pumps, gas-, steam turbines and blowers.

For all this mayor rotating equipement Compressor Consultancy Holland has developed specifications and datasheets based on the applicable international standards as API, ASME, PED and ISO. Besides these  international standards Compressor Consultancy Holland has knowledge of specific in company standards as for example the GP’s of Exxon Mobil, the Shell DEP’s and OMV – Petrom standards. Off course we always apply your in house standards whenever available on these specifications