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Compressor Consultancy Holland

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Field Services

One of our biggest field services is troubleshooting on rotating equipment.

The troubleshooting which CCH can perform is very wide. But some examples are:

  • Vibrations

Vibrations is one of the most common problems occurring at mechanical installations. Through over the years CCH has been asked to solve vibrational problems on reciprocating-, centrifugal compressors and piping systems. The root causes of the vibrations where detected from process gas pulsations, wrong foundations, wrong installed piping supports till wrong engineering.

  • Process related

After vibrations, process related problems are one of the biggest root cause of failure of rotating equipment.

Some root causes for these problems are: Process changes over design, wrong engineering of separators, wrong operation.

In order to solve the problems and to help the client CCH has basic field measurement equipment and software programs make calculations and simulations. Besides this CCH has a wide network of companies who are able to support.

Commissioning support

CCH also is capable of giving you support by commissioning of your plant or installation. CCH has been hires for this kind of services many times by mayor oil companies and engineering companies.

In this CCH will perform the complete commissioning management including the producing of all documents as there are Commissioning execution plans, leak tests, Inertization procedures and start up procedures.