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Compressor Consultancy Holland

Your reliable partner for engineering and troubleshooting

About Us

Compressor consultancy Holland was established in the year 2003 and over the years have become a reliable partner for engineering and troubleshooting of compressor plants all over the world.

In 2003 after working for a mayor valve manufacturer in Germany and previous for one of the leading compressor manufacturers in the world Mr W.Pomper founded Compressor consultancy Holland.

Mr. W.Pomper found out that the there was a need for small engineering companies who could help mayor gas and oil companies for their pre- feed studies as their internal know how had declined due to the lack of mechanical engineers on the market.

Over the last decade it showed that Mr W.Pomper was right and Compressor consultancy Holland has become a mayor player in support of mayor Gas & Oil companies in their engineering of Gas & Oil plants.

As Compressor Consultancy Holland is a complete independent operating company it has become fully respected by mayor suppliers of compressor units all over the world. And therefore gets support form these companies in its work.


Compressor Consultancy Holland can offer you as three kind of services

  • Engineering
  • Engineering / Project management
  • Field services